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hippy gourmet

When I first started cooking I loved watching all of the Food Network shows. I have to admit it, RayRay’s constant repeating of the same phrases and lessons did actually help me learn a few things (and some not-to-dos).

But I soon grew tired of those highly-stylized personalities and started checking out alternative shows. Public television is really where it’s at. That’s where I found the Hippy Gourmet. Read on.

And watch this.

[youtube Riwz48YJZMw]

Photo: Hippy Gourmet

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  • JoeHoya February 20, 2008  

    It’s like an edible Bob Ross painting!

    Bring on the happy little salmon!

  • Moira February 20, 2008  

    I caught this gem of a show while staying in baltimore last year! I was so excited to have a new show option and he is hysterical! Sadly enough it’s not on in NYC. What the f#$%?

  • BS February 20, 2008  

    well that explains why I’ve never see it – what the hell? I want hippy gourmet in NYC! we got plenty of hippies here and we def got gourmet – so why no hippy goumet? I DEMAND ANSWERS.

  • Houndstooth Gourmet February 21, 2008  

    I LOVE Hippie Gourmet-I catch him on public TV on the weekend when I watch all the best cooking shows. Public TV kicks FN’s butt!

  • BS February 21, 2008  

    honestly, I don’t try to hate on Food Network, but think about it – what are the best food shows on right now?
    Top Chef, Anthony Bourdain, Jaques Pepin, BBQU, and apparently, Hippy Gourmet. Not a one of them is found on the food network.

  • James February 24, 2008  

    We couldn’t agree more with everyone’s desire to see more of Hippy Gourmet on local PBS stations! All we can say is to e-mail, or call up your favorite PBS station and ask them directly to carry our show. In the meanwhile you can follow the links above to our website (www.HippyGourmet.com) and also to our YouTube site, http://www.YouTube.com/HippyGourmet where you can check out a number of our full-length shows, recipe segments and more! Peace, Love & Organics!
    PS – for those with Dish network you can catch us on FSTV (FreeSpeechTV) channel 9415 starting this March!
    The Hippy Gourmet

  • Jrod February 25, 2008  

    Now this is a cooking show I could really sink my teeth into. I love that the guy has a hippie (don’t like his spelling) flair without sounding totally burnt out and corny. Nice find.

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