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Fried chicken, cheeseburger, Casear salad? That is what DC’s premier chef, Michel Richard, the knives behind acclaimed Citronelle, dares to offer in his new bistro, Central? Well, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Bread crumbs lay delicately over two moist pieces of chicken, more a sprinkling of rain than a slather of sleet; it’s even better when dipped in creamy mustard sauce and scooped into the same bite with pulverized garlic mashers. Ground chuck has never been so French in a burger that’s as rich as brie, served with fries and mayo. And the Casear salad, tossed with goat cheese and diced tomatoes, surprises with taste and convenience: the lettuce is cut into bite-sized forkfuls. For dessert, inhale the adult version of a Kit Kat bar to complete a prized meal.
For: A French chef’s take on Americanized French food
Entrees: $16-$29. 202-626-0015. 1001 Pennsylvania Ave

Originally in the Onion / DC local edition

Photo: LA Times

Central Michel Richard in Washington

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  • 80 Proof February 14, 2008  

    I haven’t had Palena’s burger yet, but Central’s is just amazing. The first time I went, I ordered it, with bacon and cheese of course. I had to pace myself so it wouldn’t disappear from my plate in 2 minutes.

    The second visit I made the mistake of trying to branch out, and drooled as each waiter passed by with one on the tray.

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