Brie My Valentine


Here’s a tasty last minute Valentine’s Day recipe for those of you who interpret “going all out” as using the top knob on your toaster oven. Hey, don’t judge, it’s a step up for some of us.

I made this the other night with my valentine, Alex (newish development – of course the ES community gets first word on these things). Anyway, here’s the shocking part – she’s a vegetarian. Clearly I’m not happy about this, but none other than the New York Times says it’s possible for us to coexist, even though, and I quote – from the paper of record:

“Meat eaters smell bad and have low energy.”

Well I can’t argue with that, but I do know that portobello mushrooms might not be filet mignon, but they are just about the tastiest things I’ve ever had that aren’t served bloody.

Navigate that hurdle for more on the toaster oven portobello and brie sandwich.

– Set the toaster oven to broil.

– Snap the cap off the portobello and brush all sides with extra virgin.

– Place the ‘shroom bottom side up and sprinkle (or douse) with herbes de provence (which sound pretty damn fancy, but are really just rosemary, marjoram, basil, bay leaf and thyme, but in a French package).

– Also throw on some oregano, salt, pepper and a few drops of red wine vinegar.

– Broil for about 15 mins, until they turn soft, then remove from toaster oven, place on some kinda crusty roll, and top with a few slices of brie.

– Return the entire contraption to the toaster oven, and broil until the bread is toasty and the brie is a little melty.

– Drizzle a few drops of balsamic on top and serve.

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  • 80 Proof February 14, 2008  

    My BS is all grown up.

    Wait, that sounds weird.

  • gansie February 14, 2008  


  • BS's Mom February 14, 2008  

    Tell us more – about Alex, not the meal.

  • BS February 14, 2008  

    mooommmmm! not in front of the blog!

  • Alex February 14, 2008  

    Hi Mrs. Spiegel!

  • Alex February 15, 2008  

    Also BS forgot to mention that I styled and snapped the photo. Note the perpendicularity of the green beans with respect to the grain of the wood. 80Proof, eat your heart out.

  • Tim February 15, 2008  

    Hi Brendan,

    When did you get out of prison? Does Alex know about your “mistake?”

  • 80 Proof February 15, 2008  

    What about Brendan’s old nickname: 20 to life?

  • BS February 15, 2008  

    let’s focus on the sandwich here people.

  • Tim February 15, 2008  

    Right, sorry. The sandwich looks better than the food they made you eat in the pen. After you did that horrible thing to that defenseless child.

  • Sheila February 18, 2008  

    Brendan, so when is your favorite aunt going to meet the fair Alex?

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