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Editors’ Note: The following post contains material intended for a mature audience. Minors, mothers of ES contributors and others offended by such subject matter should scroll directly to the next post, which is about Amish people.


– Still in search of a V-day gift? Nothing spells L-O-V-E like a bra filled with a bottle of cheap wine. [Wired]

– If your Valentine fantasies involve less Strawberry Boones Farm and more actual strawberries, you’ll want to check out this European ad for, um, fresh fruit. [Gawker]

– And for those of you who find nothing sexier than processed cheese product, you’re in luck, because Kraft has introduced Kraft Doubles, just in time for the holiday. [The Onion]

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  • gansie February 17, 2008  

    i think youre Ed. Note scared people from commenting on this *racy* post. (great links)

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