Hott Links: What’ll They Drink of Next?


Always on the cutting edge, ES had traveled around the world (via the blogosphere) to bring you news of what we’ll all be drinking in the future:

– Japanese schoolgirls, who pretty much decide what’s cool in America one year in advance, have started drinking hot beer. That’s right. Beer – heated. [J-list, via SEats]

– For those of you who always wanted a little more Che in your brews, the answer is almost here: Yerba Mate Beer. ES prediction: Herbal-infused beers are the next big thing. [Slashfood]

– If you’re lookin’ for even more Latin flavor in your glass, here’s a crazy idea: try mixing your tequila with some spicy chocolate mole. One Chocomole coming up. But I wouldn’t recommend two, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. [Liquid Muse]

Photo: TFTS

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