A Picture is Worth One Dinner

So the other day I went to Whole Foods (Paycheck/Mortgage) since they are one of the few places around with a good seafood selection. I wanted to cook this spicy red snapper dish (link below), but I ended up with Cod. Oh well. Since I followed the directions for the most part (major exception being no cooking in a cast iron pan), and since I can’t stop taking pictures of food, here is my night of cooking and eating without words. Follow along at home with the recipe…

Click for recipe

Not pictured: I cooked the asparagus in the oven after tossing with olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Gansie made her famous bulgur wheat.



Spices in Bowl


Spiced Cod


Olive Oil




Cooking Cod


Plated Cod


All Done!

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  • BS January 17, 2008  

    you could make one of those little flipbooks out of this

  • Britannia January 17, 2008  

    That looks really good, if when I had bumped into you at Whole Paycheck you were going to cook up this then I would have come home with you, instead of the over the counter sushi I bought (and vino)!

  • BS January 17, 2008  

    so I’m sure I am supposed to absorb all the details from the photos but um…how did it taste? looks amazing.

  • gansie January 17, 2008  

    the cod was really light and tasty – and had a great kick from the spices. asparagus retained a slight crunch and was subtlety, but deliciously flavored. and of course, the bulgur kicked ass.

  • maidelitala January 24, 2008  

    Speaking of spices….. A little advice would be much appreciated. I’m trying to hunt down some filé powder (made from ground sassafras, an *essential* ingredient for any authentic-tasting choca-creole jambalaya – and yes damnit I want it to be authentic tasting even if I am planning on making it vegetarian) but I’m having one hell of a time finding any in The DC. I mean REALLY everyone should have some filé powder in their cabinet (secret ancient choctaw cooking knowledge). Do I really have to resort to internet shopping for this ubiquitous sassafras spice? I’ll make my own filé powder if I can find some fresh sass. Any great spice shops you all know of in The District?

  • gansie January 24, 2008  

    hey maidelitala–

    i checked in w/ ES’ most established and knowledgeable commenter – JoeHoya. Here are some ideas for file powder, plus JH’s commentary.

    1) Dean & Deluca in Georgetown.
    “They have spices out the ass. Not sure how fresh, but usually quality. $7.25 for 1.5 ounces is steep. Most recipes call for 2 tablespoons of file, which is roughly an ounce.”

    2) Uncle Brutha’s (the hot sauce place across from Eastern Market) sells Tony Cachere’s Creole Gumbo File in a 1.25 ounce container for $2.29.
    “Tony Chachere’s is a New Orleans company that has gone totally commercial. Some folks from down there can’t stand it, some swear by it as the real deal.”

    hopes this helps. totally check back with us and let us know how the search and jambalaya turn out.

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