Are You Gonna Eat That?


ES told you back in  ’07 that cloned steaks and bacon were on the horizon, and it looks like the long-awaited dream of man-made meat is just about here.

The FDA, the people who brought you oxycontin, olestra, and man-eating popcorn, have given the go-ahead to cloned meat.

The federal agency completed a gigantic multi-year study in which they concluded:

A- People don’t want to eat cloned meat. Because it’s creepy.

B – The FDA will allow companies to sell cloned meat.

C- Companies won’t even be required to label their products as having come from clones.

Nice one, federal government! There’s no one who can collect people’s concerns and then completely ignore them quite like you can. It’s enough to make a guy jump on board the Ron Paul blimp.

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