Totally Not Breaking Ice Cream News

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Like in everything in life, I’m often late. Even with my cooking mags. Mailed to me is: Gourmet, Bon Appetite and Cook’s Illustrated. I usually won’t pick up a magazine for weeks and weeks, but then there will be four days where I will do nothing but flip through my months old publications, tearing out possible recipes and then flagging others for friends’ use. Every time I see BS, I hand him at least three magazine, with notes and stickies, letting him know what I expect him to blog about in the future (or circling panna cotta and semifreddo concoctions.)

I wrote all this to say, the news I’ll be sharing is old. I think I saw this ad in an October 2007 issue. Anyway, Haagen-Dazs unveiled its 2007 “Flavor Search Winner.” I was really effing pumped, obv. I mean, I love ice cream, as proven here, here and here.

Okay, so the advertisement is set up with one teaser page and then another prize page. I’m sure there are technical terms for this kind of ad, but just go with me here.

Above is the first page that got me super pumped. I wanted something with chocolate, coffee, espresso, caramel, cookie dough, brownie batter, vanilla bean, oreos…

And the winner is…

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Total. Fucking. Crap.



Caramelized and toasted together?!?!

I hate them both.


I’m starting a Haagen-Dazs boycott – who’s in!

Photos: Like I said, 80 is obsessed with his new camera, and I take full advantage, making his photograph pages from a magazine.

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  • JoeHoya January 9, 2008  

    Out of the three finalists, this one was definitely my favorite. The other two were Blueberry Belgian Waffle (speaks for itself) and Coco y Cacao (a coconut and chocolate blend).

    I haven’t bothered to buy it yet, but the pear and pecan combo sounded like the most appetizing of the bunch to me.

  • gansie January 9, 2008  

    gross. i hate blueberries – why ruin a perfectly good waffle with fruit? and coconut – gag me!

    leave the fruit out of ice cream PEOPLE!

  • BS January 9, 2008  

    H-D tries to be too classy for it’s own good – hence all three of their finalist ideas were way too hoighty-toighty (sp?)…if they don’t think more downscale they’ll never be able to catch up with ben and jerry’s – I mean, they have cinnamon bun ice cream now – how genius is that?

  • Caroline January 9, 2008  

    I love the idea of caramelized pears with toasted pecans! But I don’t really like ice cream. This seems like a flavor that would appeal to non-ice cream eaters like me rather than actual ice cream lovers.

  • JoeHoya January 9, 2008  

    Nicely put, Caroline. I agree – this sounds like a dessert in and of itself. And that is definitely their M.O. – this is the company that has given us:

    Marsala Fig
    Pomegranate Chip
    Coconut Macaroon
    and 2006’s contest winner: Sticky Toffee Pudding

  • Tim January 9, 2008  

    Pearcan Ice Cream sounds delicious. Why don’t all of you take your scurvy and sail back to idiotville, because that’s where you came from, fruit hating jerks.

  • gansie January 9, 2008  

    question, tim:
    do you like fruit in your prized beer?

  • BS January 9, 2008  

    taking a pannacotta and freezing it in ice cream does not make it pannacotta ice cream…oh, wait, maybe it does – where’s Colichio when you need him?

  • Ari January 9, 2008  

    Tried this flavor at the Haagen Dazs at Gallery Place. It is delicious. Maybe…maybe even beats out last year’s sticky toffee pudding. I love both pears and pecans, though. Blueberry waffles sounds really good too.

  • dad gansie January 10, 2008  

    it’s not normal like mother and daughter, except for ice cream ; both want only the basics some hot fudge is never a bad thing too….however, I’d like to try some varieties

  • gansie January 10, 2008  

    let me translate: my dad means to say that although my mom and i have very different appetites and food likes/dislikes, we both love ice cream.

  • Elaine January 20, 2009  

    i LOVE ice cream. Haagen Dazs makes simple delicious ice cream.

    But they are DUMBASSES To even have produced such an ice cream! Come on. Are you serious???


    I don’t blame you for boycotting.

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