Hott Links: Crooklyn Style


– Best Thief Ever: A Brooklyn man is arrested after slipping seven salamis into his pants. Tragic, because six would have been believable but seven is just pushing it. [Gothamist]

– I don’t know if it’s because of subprime mortgages or what, but suddenly, everything in New York is served out of trucks. Waffles, pizza, even creme brulee. And now, bringing back one of the original truck foods is the much-hyped Endless Summer Taco Truck in Williamsburg*. Being Wiliamsburg, the food is served by aspiring rock stars: the lead singers of Bad Wizard and The Jewish (Still everywhere! See previous comment thread). [Grub Street]

– NYT does a write-up of the restaurants in my neighborhood, Fort Greene. ES staff members, feel free to start researching what you wanna eat when you come visit me.

– Bonus hott link, because this one is a hott ingredient trend alert: The Times lets us know it’s OK to start using Nori (seaweed paper) or much more than just sushi.

*No affiliation with Endless Simmer.

Photo: Similepedia

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  • Brian January 9, 2008  

    I’ve never been to iCi. Let’s go sometime.

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