Video Hott Links: The Bourdain is Back

Public Service Announcement: Your Eater of the Year, Anthony Bourdain, starts his new season of No Reservations tonight. Here’s one of the first clips, featuring Tony eating/flirting in Singapore. Thanks for the link, midseason replacements.

[youtube O1mwaCa7lNE]

After the jump, two more Asian-style crazy eats

Quite likely confused and inspired by Endless Simmer’s hot dog sushi, Pizza Hut Japan is now serving a pizza topped with mayonnaise, shrimp, potato, corn…OK I’m just gonna stop there, but you get the point.

[youtube Xthq54qS8BM]

And in Thailand, the creepiest bakery ever:

[youtube GKSO7m3-MH8]

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  • gansie January 7, 2008  

    okay. i cant even watch that second video. make it stop.

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