A Time for Change


Some say our sights are set too high. They say this country is too divided, too disillusioned to ever come together around a common purpose.

But on this January day, at this defining moment in history, you can do what the cynics said we couldn’t do.

You can help Endless Simmer win the 8th Annual Bloggie Awards!

The nomination period is now open, and you can submit your fav blogs here.

If all ya’ll who love Endless Simmer could take a minute to nominate ES for best food weblog (and maybe even best new weblog) we would totally appreciate it and will repay you kindly with all kinds of delicious posts throughout 2008 and beyond.

Thanks, and keep the faith.

2008 Weblog Awards.

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  • Tim January 4, 2008  

    Recognize, Motherfucker: You need to nominate at least 3 different blogs on the nomination form to be considered. What are some other good blogs to nominate in unison with ES?

    I suggest replacing Note, Notice, maybe even Beware and Caution on all signs and publications with “Recognize, Motherfucker:” The world would be so much cooler.

  • BS January 4, 2008  

    Recognized as charged. Thank you, Sir.
    Some other great food blogs that might be worthy of your ballot:


  • Tim January 4, 2008  

    Awesome. Also, though, I hate all other foodblogs. I guess I really meant other general blogs. And, for those of you at work, I don’t recommend googling “Asian Blog” at work. What the f is so wrong with people that you can’t search for asian blog without it being a bunch of creepy assholes posting pictures of asian girls with no clothes on. Men are fucking weird.

  • JoeHoya January 4, 2008  

    Done and done.

    For the record, I voted for ES for Best Food, Group, and New Blogs.

    I also voted for DCFoodies for Food – go figure.

  • gansie January 4, 2008  

    thanks for the love joehoya!
    and thanks for the investigative reporting on asian “blogs”, tim!

  • gansie January 4, 2008  

    entertainment endorsement:

  • BS January 4, 2008  

    absolutely, please vote for ES in as many categories as you see fit! I was gonna say best australian or new zealand blog, but I’m sure we already have that one locked up. Other blogs I love
    Music: http://www.brooklynvegan.com
    Politics: http://hotlineblog.nationaljournal.com/
    I tried to find one for best Canadian blog but those are all porn.

  • JoeHoya January 4, 2008  

    The things those people do with maple syrup are just disgusting.

    And don’t even get me started on poutine…

  • BS January 4, 2008  

    oh, poutine…good one, JH, I laughed out loud.

  • gansie January 4, 2008  

    as i don’t have to much knowledge on Canadian things…after some wikipedia-ing, poutine seems to be a version of cheese fries w/ hot sauce? no?

  • BS January 4, 2008  

    au contraire, gansie – fries w/ cheese and gravy:

  • JoeHoya January 4, 2008  

    And not just cheese…cheese CURDS. Gives it that nice, rustic look (and texture) that drives the Quebecois crazy.

  • Jon Eick January 4, 2008  

    Thanks for the shout-out for http://www.sogoodblog.com it’s not just a food blog, it’s also a NEW blog! Hook a brother up!

    I already voted and definitely put you Endless Simmer in there for best food blog..you guys rock.

  • Bud Foster January 7, 2008  

    I cannot in good conscience nominate http://www.endlesssimmer after they inexplicably left my good friend Don Zinn off of the “Eater of the Year” nominations. Payback is a bitch. FUWT!

  • 80 Proof January 7, 2008  
  • Bud Foster January 7, 2008  

    Incorrect 80 proof! Don Zinn is not obese. He was a fatty at one time but he is quite svelt these days. Any time he feels the need to shed a few pounds he goes on his patented crash tobacco and lettuce only diet.

    The tobacco provides a nicotine based energy source and the lettuce gives him that oh so full feeling. It’s a recipe for extraordinary weight loss results.

    Too bad there is no such cure for alcoholism. Don wishes you the best with that battle.

  • Bryan Stinespring January 7, 2008  

    who is this Don Zinn you speak of? He sounds like quite the enigma.
    I would like hear more about his eating exploits.
    He sounds like he could be a real dark horse in the world of competitive eating in 2008. His extraordinary methods of traditional gluttony and greasy goodness, combined with his new techniques of exploiting food sound truly fascinating!

  • Bud Foster January 8, 2008  

    Don Zinn recently filled a neti pot with butter and cleansed his sinuses with it. He thought it would bring him closer spiritually to his food.

    You don’t find that kind of dedication to food every day.

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