Lazy Saturday


The calm before the storm. New Years is almost here and this time people are coming to DC. In just a few short hours, several friends from college will storm into town, and the partying will begin. So with about 4 hours worth of cleaning to do, Gansie and I decided we needed some food fuel. I whipped up some scrambled eggs with sauteed red onion, garlic, and roasted red and yellow peppers. We toped that off with some amazing bagels from York, PA and a fresh cut apple.

But mainly, this post is an excuse to post some more photos with my new camera.

As for the recipe, I sauteed the onion and garlic first in some olive oil, adding the jarred roasted peppers when the garlic and onion is almost finished. Remove the veggies and scramble the eggs in the same pan. When the eggs are about a minute short of done, add back in the cooked veggies and mix. Easy as pie.

Oh, and here is another picture, EXTREME CLOSE-UP:


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  • gansie December 29, 2007  

    in case you’re wondering, that’s a swiss melt begal (slice of swiss cheese melted on top of begal) from Big Apple Bagels. it’s a total revelation in begalry.

  • BS December 29, 2007  

    wow, I love the term ‘bagelry’ how dirty and wonderful sounding…beautiful pics, 80.

  • 80PMom December 29, 2007  

    The camera does make a difference. Cool!

  • ehickey December 31, 2007  

    The bagel is amazing, everytime I go to Big Apple, it is the only thing I purshase now. I have tried other bagels, but this is not like any other bagel. Glad you were able to enjoy it.

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