Want One of those Lattes

Responding to repeated reader requests for increased celebrity eating coverage, ES-NYC headquarters has dispatched a roving team of reporters to scour Manhattan’s streets for breaking news of what celebs are eating and drinking on a daily basis. The following real-time report comes in from our crack photo-journalist Brian:

This is a picture of what I think are Rufus Wainwright‘s legs while he
puts “sugar in the raw” into what I think was a latte at the starbucks on 24th
Street in Manhattan. I think…


Take that, CNN I-reports. If you catch a celeb (or quasi-celeb) consuming something (anything) send your shots to info@endlesssimmer.com

UPDATE!! More from our celebrity stalkographer:

8.5 million people and I run into rufus wainwright twice. This time at
the met prior to seeing war and peace. Again, I only get his legs.
He’s on the right (I think), and wearing the same bad shoes that he
was wearing in starbucks. I think…


No, this is not a joke. Yes, Brian is the shyest celebrity stalker ever.

For the record, Rufus was not eating anything at the Opera.

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  • Brian December 18, 2007  

    you can’t tell, but his shoes are clogs. next time i won’t be so dumb with my camera.

  • Britannia December 19, 2007  

    I nearly spilled my Starbucks on Tracey Ullman two weeks ago, this happened in Adams Morgan… Sorry, no pics!

    (btw, I was drinking a grande, skimmed chai latte)

  • Liza December 20, 2007  

    I like Soy Lattes

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