Hott Linkin, That’s Some Crazy Drinkin


– In a case of two wrongs definitely making a very wrong, now available: Bud Light with Clamato. [via the Champagne of Blogs]

Basilcello! Now that’s more like it. Throw in some pine nuts and I’m sold.

– Who knew Dr. Pepper was supposed to be heated before serving? I’m ’bout to try that one of these cold winter nights. Maybe with some Dr. Schnapps mixed in. [via SoGood]

Photo: Cruft

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  • 80 Proof December 4, 2007  

    Wow. Just wow. Bud light with Clamato TALL BOY. Bocce will never be the same.

    (for reference, our bocce team, yes bocce team, has a tall boy fetish. Wait, that came out all wrong.)

  • gansie December 4, 2007  

    as i’ve said before, basil is over rated

  • BS December 4, 2007  

    you’re suspended for one week

  • gansie December 4, 2007  


  • BS December 4, 2007  

    I take it back…for your crime against food bloggery you must chug three bud light clamato tall boys

  • gansie December 4, 2007  

    i almost bet i wouldn’t hate it. I am a huge mary fan.

  • 80 Proof December 4, 2007  

    Yeah, but you are a Miller Lite girl (wait, that came out wrong)

  • JoeHoya December 4, 2007  

    I wonder if you could duplicate Poste’s Basil Lemontini by mixing basilcello and limoncello? At the very least, it would be super boozy!

  • Britannia December 4, 2007  

    OMG. I think I have found one trashy beer for my fridge.

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