Editors Note: Don’t worry, the Thanksgiving posts will soon be over.
Here’s a review of Britannia’s meal of thanks.

Turkeyday in DC, and as the English dude, I’m the *obvious* host. Irony alright. The following is the outcome of mixing a bunch of gays, food, holiday and alcohol.

pumpkin stew

Roasted Pumpkin Stew

Roast a bunch of vegetables – leek, fennel, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, garlic, onion. Add the roasted vegetables to a pot of wine, water, and porcini mushrooms, and let stew. Strain the stew to create a stock. Turn the stock into a sauce by making a roux. Roast celeriac, parsnips, fennel, carrots, and shallots. Hollow out the pumpkin, added a bit of the aforementioned sauce, and roast in oven with olive oil and seasonings for an hour. Add roasted vegetables to pot of seitan and forest mushroom/chanterelles. Put vegetable/mush/seitan sauce into pumpkin and let roast until hot. Serve.


rutabaga and carrots

Rutabaga and Carrots Mash

Who said rutabaga can’t be fun and yummy, steam with equal parts carrots, drain, add butter, cream and s&p then mash, mash away. You’ll get this tasty yummy healthy treat. (butter is healthy, damn you)


roasted potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

These roasties are a great alternative to the mash or sweet potatoes, peel and boil the spuds for twenty minutes, drain then shake in the pot until the potatoes are all fluffy, throw in the oven with lots of evoo, fresh chives, garlic and the usual seasoning, s&p. Roast until golden brown, about an hour and a half.

More recipes post jump.


broc bake

Broccoli Bake

Broccoli, mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, cracker crumbs and of course, the trusty old BUTTER. Shhh, this is Willy’s secret recipe, don’t tell anyone!


pecan butter squares

Pecan BUTTER Squares

Oh yes, more and more butter, but not just any butter. Head to your nearest Williams and Sonoma (we’re homo’s, only the best will do) for pumpkin pecan butter for the filling and a box of yellow cake mix for the crust, simple and so freakin’ good.


panna cotta

Panna Cotta and Cranberry Gelee

It is what it reads, very strange concoction. Didn’t have enough glasses for the day so we used clear plastic cups, so classy. Layered the panna cotta with the gelee, perhaps a little too tart with the cranberry’s but it was a nice touch. Don’t they look scrumptious.

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