Yeah, Says the Tomato, I Got Really Baked Last Night

first layer

BS: are you posting soon or no?
gansie: you can post
i have one ready
just need a title
BS: ah
need brainstorming help?
gansie: it’s for a tomato bake
i want a pot pun
BS: like with green?
gansie: i used red tomatoes
something about bake
i don’t know
BS: so a tomato walks into a bar
the bartender says, man you look kinda dried out today
yeah, says the tomato, I got really baked last night
gansie: NO
well, maybe that can be my intro


Tomato overload. Yes, the tomatoes are still over flowing at the dad gansie household. When I was home for Tgiving (no puking this time!) we made my new fav tomato dish. I’ve created this a couple times now with my abundance of tomatoes, with just a few variations along the way – all combined nicely in the continued description (re: click “continue reading.”)

Tomato and Red Onion Bake

Make your own breadcrumbs. Actually, I might add that to the Cheating tab. I can’t say that every occasion calls for fresh breadcrumbs, but what sends this dish to a higher level are the fresh breadcrumbs. So, roughly chop about half of a long French baguette and add to a blender. Drop in the blender: 2 cloves smashed garlic, fresh parsley, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and then a swirl of extra virgin. Coarsely blend. Not too fine. You want to show off the fact that you created these crumbs yourself, not bought them in the supermarket. When at desired consistency, pour into a bowl, grind in a handful of parm and toss to combine.

But wait, before you start the breadcrumbs, chop a red onion into rings. Add to a hot, buttered pan. Stir occasionally and let them get soft and a bit brown; season with S&P.

lemon’s turn

While the onions cook, start slicing tomatoes. Fill the bottom of a square pyrex dish with a single layer of tomato slices. Sprinkle S&P on the tomatoes and repeat seasoning with every subsequent layer. Add a scant layer of crumbs. Top with half of onions and a squrit of lemon.

slice of tomato

Repeat. Then add a final layer of tomatoes and the rest of the breadcrumbs. Drizzle extra virgin on top. Bake at 425-ish degrees for about 20 minutes, or until sufficiently browned.

sufficiently browned

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  • 80 Proof November 28, 2007  

    Pictures courtesy of???

  • BS November 28, 2007  

    gotta be careful what you gchat this girl….looks scrumptious

  • gansie November 28, 2007  

    is it wrong that what i *almost* care about most is that my nails look good in these photos

  • 80 Proof November 28, 2007  

    Not a problem compared to the drama that would ensue if they were chipped.

  • Britannia November 28, 2007  

    Black nail varnish, really. This girl needs a gay make over!

  • gansie November 28, 2007  


    well, i am now wearing the new fab color of the season — russian navy

  • BS November 28, 2007  

    this is not on topic, people

  • gansie November 28, 2007  

    you know, i’ve always wanted a nail polish blog

  • Britannia November 28, 2007  

    Fashion in the kitchen is an important aspect of life, I think we should have a tag for this! I did look preppy cute in the kitchen last week, not much effort really.

  • gansie November 28, 2007  

    britannia – all you. you have a post due next wednesday on kitchen fashion.

  • Britannia November 28, 2007  

    Does this mean I can’t do a fashion write up anymore. I’m even watching PR (Project Runway) for ideas as I speak.

  • BS November 28, 2007  

    hahaha…you most definitely still can – I’m excited to see how that one works out

  • Yok November 29, 2007  

    Back to the subject at hand…I’ll try out the tomato bake. It sounds delish.

    PS The nails did catch my eye from the beginning.

  • dad gansie November 30, 2007  

    guys hope had fun cooking and eating on t-d,
    ganies cooked her ass off, the tom bake was delic,
    her apples with melted havarti cheese, cristini with hummis stuffed mush with spicy spinach filling were all teriffic apps for the nite. she was up cooking before 10:00 am we didn’t stop till people came at 5 have fun and safe hoilday season especially in good health

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