Is That Hot Dog in Your Sushi or are You Just Happy to Sashimi Me?

Mango, persimmon and raspberry sushi with coconut shavings

Scene: 6pm. Thursday night. Pinch of Minch and BS lounge on the couch
during hour two of Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon. A crumbled bag of
pretzels lay on the table. Somewhere, a stomach growls.

Pinch of Minch: Dude, Brendan, I’m hungry.
BS: Yah.
P o M: I mean, really hungry.
BS: Uh huh.
P o M: I want sushi. Real bad. Like, if I don’t have it, I may die.
Do you know what I mean?
BS: No I don’t, but sushi sounds good.

They go back to watching TV, until 30 minutes later….

P o M: Dude, I’ve got a crazy idea. We should make sushi.
BS: Eureka.
P o M: Out of what’s in the fridge. Like what-ev-er is in there,
mayonnaise and mac and cheese sushi. Pickle and coffee ice cream
BS: Hmmm. What about fruit? Fruit plus sushi is fruishi.
P o M: I have some frozen hot dogs. I’m making hot dog sushi. I am a genius.
BS: Let’s make some crazy sushi.
P o M: This could be really gross.

They give each other high fives and race to the kitchen. What follows
is a Lewis and Clark expedition of culinary craziness. And a short
time later, some of the oddest- and damn fine- sushi emerges from the
kitchen and into the bellies of our two protagonists.

The sushi rice was surprisingly easy to replicate. Using the basic directions, we whipped up the vinegar-sugar concoction that gets folded into the sushi rice, making it sweet and glistening, a la restaurant sushi. Not having all the appropriate equip., we just rolled with saran wrap on a cutting board – highly unethical, surely, but effective:

Hot dog, pimento, cucumber and coconut sushi in progress

Hot dog and pimento sushi

This dessert sushi was my favorite. First, we spread out some leftover coconut-rum icing from Liza’s b-day cake. Then added persimmons, mango and raspberries, rolled it up, topped with pomegranate seeds and coconut shavings:


Some of this may sound a little far out, but seriously, sushi is way more versatile than it gets credit for. Anything rolled in sweet rice and seaweed tastes like perfection. Sushi is the new bacon!

*Editor’s Note: No mayo and mac n’ cheese or pickle and coffee sushi was actually attempted. That would be disgusting.

Additional reporting by BS. Additional sushi prep by Liza.

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  • JoeHoya November 27, 2007  

    You guys are so ahead of the curve.

    Check out the December issue of Gourmet magazine for some interesting appetizers including two trompe l’oeil sushi options: green bean and prosciutto “negimaki” and carrot-beef “sushi” with caper-basil mustard.

    Clearly they got their inspiration from your culinary adventure.

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    I am def on the prosciushi bandwagon

  • Karianne November 27, 2007  

    Fantastic! Will be making a post of your innovative sushi night! Thanks for the link!

  • Juhannus Goldfinger November 27, 2007  

    I love the photograph of the Hot Dog & Pimento sushi ready to be rolled. To me, an American, that looks delish! But to Masashi Ogata, Head Chef of Asahizushi Miyagi in Japan, and Sushi of the Year Award 2007 Winner, your cutting-edge concoction is nothing but a plate of SIN!

  • Masashi Ogata November 27, 2007  

    Actually that looks quite nice.

  • JoeHoya November 27, 2007  

    Where I come from, calling something “a plate of SIN” is one of the highest compliments you can offer.

  • gansie November 27, 2007  

    so back to the coffee ice cream…what about pairing that with a bar of dark chocolate and then rolling it up in the rice?

  • Liza November 27, 2007  

    I witnessed, I ate- It was AMAZING!!!! Let me tell you, !!!!
    seriously so much fun and so so good

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    I like that thinking gansie – maybe add in some fresh whipped cream too.

  • Pinch o Minch November 27, 2007  

    Yes! Coffee ice cream, dark chocolate, whip cream and hot dog sushi. Its the new wave of sushi that will hit the shores of your local supermarket soon.

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    run, don’t walk, to the patent office

  • gansie November 27, 2007  

    and then you can sprinkle chocolate jimmies on top of the whipped cream – would mock the look of roe/black sesame seeds.

    (joehoya – don’t beat me up – not sure if roe comes in black!)

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    I’m pretty sure roe does comes in rainbow.

  • Melissa November 27, 2007  

    Maybe you can switch up the dogs with charcuterie and cheese. Or bacon. Great post, though i’m a little scared of hot dog sushi.

  • JoeHoya November 28, 2007  

    Roe definitely comes in black. It also comes in red, green and orange. I’m pretty sure I had some of each at dinner tonight.

    But kudos for using “jimmies” instead of calling them sprinkles!

  • jrbech November 28, 2007  

    delish. and can attest that all were living upon consumption completion…

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  • Tony November 29, 2007  

    I think I want to try this Hot Dog Sushi with bbq wasabi

  • Jake Crucifix November 29, 2007  

    Next week i want to try hamburger helper sushi, and med rare steak and mashed potatoes sushi! i mean once you go hot dog you really have popped the sushi cherry and should then go all the way

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