Hott Links: Off of Fowl, On to Cow

cow puppets

Now that Turkey Day is behind us, (and yes, we know, ES still has to post some Tgiving pics…if you have any please send to I’m ready for some red meat.

Steak and the City [Eating in Translation]

A progressive lesson from a Fox show…who knew [A Mighty Appetite]

I agree with marriage about as much as I agree with this concoction [Confections of a Foodie Bride]

Photo: Puppets for Ministry

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  • BS November 27, 2007  

    thanks for the bklyn link! I am def checkin that out soon

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    brie quesadillas sweep the nation! I just made one with humboldt fog..mmm

  • gansie November 27, 2007  

    brie and brisket makes me want to gag

  • BS November 27, 2007  

    oh i am all about it – especially because it uses dr. pepper!!!

  • gansie November 27, 2007  

    i knew we’d have to publicly fight over this one

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