Sometimes I Love Being an Adult

app dinner one

My first job post-college helped elect Annise Parker to her first term as Houston City Controller. During this period – the first time in my life where I didn’t have homework and I couldn’t get wasted and skip class – I forced myself to be semi-responsible. Thus, instead of going to happy hour every night, or going out to eat, I tried to cook dinner myself. If really only a means to waste time between getting home from work and getting to bed. But I’ll get more into those first cooking atrocities another time.

I remember how much I hated getting up for work. Not that being “Volunteer Coordinator” was all that awful, but I just thought – wow, do I really have to sit in front of a computer for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week (campaign – 7 days/week and 10 hours/day) for the next 45 years?!?! I hated being an “adult.”

Then, one of my coworkers brought in cheese and crackers for lunch. I stared at her in awe. I was so jealous. Here I was, eating my awful frozen veggie Cajun-seasoned stir fry enhanced with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray (thanks, Mariah!), and she had the brilliant idea to bring in cheese and crackers.

As a kid, no one would ever allow you to eat just cheese and crackers for lunch. But as an adult, and as an adult making an embarrassing $750/month, the absolute genius of a cheese and crackers lunch made me thankful for finally being able to make my own decisions, be it lunch or a host of any other adult situations.

That being said, I now make lots of dinners that don’t necessarily pass as full fledged meals.

Are those “gasps” I hear from my ES readers? Yes, I know, I’m sure you think that every meal I create deserves its own Hollywood Star, but sometimes I keep it low-key. Shocking, I know.

The other night for dinner I made my own little plate where I could mix-and-match the items to create bite-sized pita canapes.

Read on for my sample platter.

My platter included:

1 red tomato – diced, salt and peppered
1/2 of an avocado – mashed with lemon juice and S&P
1 slice of lox
diced chives
diced parsley
cream cheese/horseradish/country Dijon mustard sauce (had on hand from this)
1 whole wheat pita


*I made my own hummus! I’ve been completely obsessed with chickpeas ever since I made the Chickpea and Artichoke Crosiniti for my first catering job, and then when 80P than made a wonderful fish dish with tahini sauce. As the next logical step, I had to make my own hummus. I basically followed Mark Bittman’s recipe on Epicurious.

Sample Sandwich:

app dinner two

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  • BS November 16, 2007  

    Beautiful plate…an Idea: serve this all ethiopian style with a giant flatbread underneath. then you can pick away at it until you have a gooey, absorbed mess of bread to scarf down.

  • gansie November 19, 2007  


  • belmont November 19, 2007  

    Nigella Lawson was on NPR this morning, extolling the virtues of avocados on toast for breakfast.

  • dad gansie November 19, 2007  

    very interestng gansie. let try some of them for t-d too??!!
    glad to hear you’re growing up!!! let’s see how wasted you get Wednesday nite before all the cooking thurday.

  • mariah November 20, 2007  

    please. as if mariah cooked for herself.

    secondly, do you have to make meals for two every time you make food? Is that a rule now that you are an adult and live with someone?

  • gansie November 20, 2007  

    oh, mariah. always trying to get a dig in whenever possible. oh how i miss you.

    and yes, most nights i do cook for 80P. unless he just orders himself a pizza.

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