Five Things to Bite


ES has been getting so famous lately, that I know it may be hard to keep up. Today, my world-renowned eating habits are covered by D.C. food blogger extraordinaire metrocurean, in her weekly feature ‘Five Bites.’

Metrocurean is an awesomely obsessive guide to the District’s restaurants, and holds a special place for us here at Endless Simmer. A few months back, Gansie submitted her own five bites, prompting me to say “Wait a minute – you should have your own food blog!” Several ‘OMGs,’ many ‘aaaaaaahs,’ and countless puns later, Endless Simmer was born.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Five Bites at metrocurean.

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  • gansie November 19, 2007  

    wait, is that really how the whole blog thing started?

  • BS November 19, 2007  

    thanks for remembering, gansie. means a lot to me.

  • gansie November 19, 2007  



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