• BS November 15, 2007  

    what the hell kind of cake is that?? Please explain.
    Happy Birthday, Liza! If only any of us could sing 1/100th as amazingly as you.

  • Liza November 15, 2007  

    THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! That is so sweet!
    It was the BEST cake I have ever had- seriously- it was coconut! Posts to come on what went down!

  • Jiggle Billy November 15, 2007  

    It wasn’t *just* coconut, but almond-rum-cocunut.

  • BS November 15, 2007  

    did someone make this cake? will we be getting a post on that?

  • Rubygirl November 23, 2007  

    If only it were in the shape of a bunny or something, seriously, how nice to have a home-made B-day cake.

    Liza, maybe you should post a food-tune for all of us to hear??

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