John Mayer is Douchiest Food Blogger Ever

Normally we here at endless simmer like to support our fellow food bloggers – we’d much rather feud with nerdier bloggers and/or stalk pedigreed reporters. But the latest guy to join the food blogging circle is just a little too much to take. “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer John Mayer already covers plenty of pressing topics on his surprisingly addictive blog, including a recent in-depth analysis of O.J.’s watch and a loving note to the 63 PEOPLE ARRESTED AT HIS LAST CONCERT (no, it’s still not illegal to listen to John Mayer, there were just a lot of boozed up 12-year-old girls at his show).

Now, Mayer has begun sharing photos of his meals, and he claims it to be his most successful blogging experiment yet. Apparently, the public is intensely hungry to know what John had for dinner last night and the night before that. He’s not cooking, and he doesn’t even tell us where these tasty treats are from, just shows us what he eats on a daily basis. The best part is, these valuable photos have been watermarked, with rights reserved, to prevent their reproduction. Screw that. If this blog is gonna go down, what better way to do it than because of illicit reproduction of John Mayer’s duck shepherd’s pie?


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