Dash My Curry Like I’m in a Hurry


Looks like it’s shaping up to be a recipe-heavy day here at endless simmer – on a food blog, who knew?

Edouble recently told us that cooking up a curry ain’t as hard as it sounds, you just have to be willing to cheat a tiny bit and use some of those premade curry sauces. As e-dubs points out, I’m not about to go home after work and grind up some lemongrass, so this is definitely allowed.

I put together this heavy-on-the-staples, light-on-the-liquid curry, based on the random ingredients I found at my new local food co-op (much more on that later). It’s a pretty unorthodox mixture, but I think the flavors all work. Usually Thai curries are reserved for chicken or shrimp, but I see no reason why their sweet, coconut-y goodness can’t be shared with something heavier, in this case, delicious baby sheep.

Plus, I’m not usually one to get all 30-minute-meals on ya’ll, but this is pretty damn quick and easy.

Recipe after the j.

Pan Asian Curry

– In a wok, heat up some extra virgin (fine, gansie – I’m officially saying FU to EVOO).

-Dice 1 shallot and add it to the wok. Season with tumeric and salt. Turn the heat down to low and let ’em sweat it out.

– Cut up one red bell pepper and add this to the pan.

– Finely chop one lamb leg steak. Cut the meat off the bone as close as you can and throw it all in the wok, including the marrow, for extra flavor purposes.

– Quarter about eight shitake mushrooms, and add these to the wok, along with a cup of snowpeas.

-Add one 5.5 oz. can of coconut milk and 2 T of Thai Kitchen red curry paste.

Stir it up.

– Cover the wok and let it all simmer.

– Meanwhile, cook up some Jasmine rice.

– Let your curry simmer for 20 mins and then remove your marrows and discard (or suck ’em dry, if that’s how you roll)

Done and done.

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  • gansie November 7, 2007  

    very impressive.

    and no you did NOT link to MTV’s *the grind*

  • BS November 7, 2007  

    oh there’s a solid week or so of work-wasting youtube content where that came from

  • BS's Mom November 8, 2007  

    I’m coming for dinner.

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