TV Chef News: Paula Deen Hot as a Deep Fried Butter Ball


– Everyone’s favorite butter monster, Paula Deen, was in D.C. this weekend for the national lard convention or something like that. Unfortunately, she didn’t make any deep-fried lasagna, but spent most of her time making out with a disturbingly fat Sean Connery oh nevermind that’s her husband. Awkward remarks were made about sticking his bread in her oven. [Serious Eats]

– Dave from Top Chef Season One is opening a restaurant in New York, and the menu includes his black truffle mac n’ cheese from the show. No reports yet on how much this made him cry. [Eater]

Bourdian can’t stop picking on Ray-Ray. [Time]

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  • gansie November 6, 2007  

    i think bourdain gets asked the same effing Qs every time he’s interviewed. i swear, i know the Q&As so well i could be his spokesperson. actually, i think i just found my new job… or at least a new ES feature…”what would anthony bourdain say…”

  • BS November 6, 2007  

    yeah I can see his talking points…
    1 – I have a tv show
    2- I’m a badass
    3 – everyone else sucks
    4 – ray-ray sucks more than anyone
    5- Oh, I also wrote a book.
    6- Did I mention I have a tv show?

  • gansie November 6, 2007  

    and fermented shark is the grossest thing i ever ate

  • Britannia November 7, 2007  

    So much hate, so little love.

    Being from the Isles I can appreciate the love of frying, everything does tastes better, especially candy. When I first hit these shores my housemate bought a deep fryer just for candy, it was sooo good. You should check out Eamonn’s on King Street in Alexandria, they have deep fried everything, milky way, bananas, battered burgers and battered sausage. Having travelled the US extensively, I would claim that this is the closest to a good ol’ fish and chip place this side of the Atlantic.

    You must check out the seven sauces too, the curry is delic, I’m just trying to convince them to have a good gravy on the menu. Mmmm.

  • gansie November 7, 2007  

    good call on Eamonn’s. i love their “fronch” sauce.

  • BS November 7, 2007  

    bought a deep-fryer just for candy? that is one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

  • EdHill November 8, 2007  

    Poor Rachael. But then again, she is the worst thing to happen to celebrity chefs since Rocco Dispirito (another target of Bourdain, who I have a total gay mancrush on, and I’m not even gay).

    Paula Deen is just horrifying. Fried foods are ruining americas paletes!

    You should see her when she made giblet gravy. she was using her O face the whole time.

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