Jumped the Tomato

tomato monkey

Okay, I definitely jumped the tomato on this one. (Not the sharkFonzie style)

Three weeks ago I declared the end of tomato season. Well, shortly after, BS showed me this contest, I spied 3 beefsteak tomatoes at the farmers market and then today – I received a huge package, from famed commenter “dad gansie,” full of his Jersey-fresh garden tomatoes.

Because the gansie family house had major renovations done earlier this year, dad gansie wasn’t able to plant his tomatoes until late July. So, while we cross our fingers hoping that Fall’s first chill is still weeks away and won’t kill the 20 or so green tomatoes still on the vine, we will — with some luck — enjoy tomatoes well into November. (Tomato themed T-giving anyone?)

So, now that I’ve been proven wrong, and my apartment is bursting with tomatoes, I’m trying to decide what to make. Some initial thoughts are salsa (never made in the blender before), tomato sauce (never done before), and tomato soup (never done before).

Let me know if you have any celebratory (final farewell) tomato dishes.

(Oh, and excuse our masked, caped monkey!)

(Wow – lots of parenthesis in this post, huh?)

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  • dad gansie November 2, 2007  

    good luck with your tom cooking. they were a labor of love and some sweat, blood to grow. i’ll send a current pic. this weekend

  • JoeHoya November 2, 2007  

    My wife and I made homemade gaspacho for the first time this summer (using heirlooms) and it was great. I used a recipe from the Bon Appetit cookbook (HIGHLY recommend it) and it made enough for several meals’ worth. An easy to follow recipe, too!

  • BS November 2, 2007  

    the salsa made with green tomatoes is truly amazing….and a good way to use up the leftover toms if they sit around for too long.

  • gansie November 6, 2007  

    in case anyone is still following this thread…

    i’m thinking of baking the tomatoes, topped with fresh, herb-enhanced breadcrumbs and then drizzling this mustardy/cream cheesey, horseradishy sauce i made. any edits welcome!

    more on the sauce in a later – catering report – post.

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