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mahi mahi

In the glorious world of gchat (IMing on gmail) my very good friend, Jrod, and I can keep in touch about all the important things going on in the world – Philadelphia sports teams and cooking. Here is his latest masterpiece via gchat.

Mahi over Maryland Crab Bisque with Asparagus

Jrod: I made an AMAZING mahi dish last week
gansie: tell me!
Jrod: im super proud
Jrod: right
i gotta say first
I stole from
sort of
but anyway, I still pulled it off
gansie: thats okay
Jrod: I started with putting a quart of heavy cream in a sauce pan on med-low and reduced it for about 20 min
Jrod: while that was cooking, I prepped the fish with some salt and pepper and chopped some scallions and peppers – red bell
then when the cream was nice and thick, I put a shit load of old bay and artificial crab meat in and brought down to low
then I pan seared the fish in some EVOO on both sides for about 3 minutes with the pepper and scallions mixed in
meanwhile I had the oven at 450 and I was steaming some asparagus in a skillet with a half inch of water
after the fish was golden, I threw it in the oven for 5 minutes
with the peppers and scallions
then when the asparagus was bendable and turned everything off
… the plating was my favorite…
gansie: i want pictures!
Jrod: I put a healthy scoop of the crab and cream on the plate first
gansie: this sounds so awesome
Jrod: then the asparagus in a row
then the fish with the peppers on top
holy shit was it good
gansie: this is a fucking work of art
Jrod: yes
I am so proud of it, I gave a plate to the guy who caught the fish
gansie: wow…you know the person that caught the fish
living in florida has its benefits, huh
Jrod: his name is Chad
I work with him
he actually gave me about 6 filets of mahi and tuna
and he has a shit load more
6 fillets each
sushi grade
good stuff
gansie: that is unbelievable
are you going to try to make sushi rolls?
or eat it raw
Jrod: no
I already cooked it all
but next time I might
gansie: do it!
i mean, getting that quality stuff is awesome
you should totally try sushi, or at least something rare ish/barely cooked
Jrod: true true
gansie: keep me updated

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  • BS October 30, 2007  

    In the future all recipes will be written in IM format…looks amazing, jrod – I love the heavy cream and crab idea.

  • gansie October 30, 2007  

    i never make cream sauces, so if its as easy and delicious as jrod makes it out to be – i’m in.
    i have still have this cream sauce on my to-do list.

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