Strangers with Bacon


The Internet may have more sites about bacon than about porn. I thought you all should know.

The Bacon Show offers “one bacon recipe per day, every day, forever.” Not even kidding – it’s been going strong for three years and just broke the 900 recipe barrier with with bacon-fried quail with onion gravy. You can search by secondary ingredients, from alfalfa to zucchini.

Bacon Unwrapped is a comprehensive chronicle of adventures in bacon-land. My favorite post is an amazing bacon-y story, the awesomeness of which should be obvious from the phrase: “we all gathered around the vat with our first round of beers at about noon on Saturday and watched the lard begin to melt.”

– You can all start pooling your money together, because the only thing I want for Christmas is one of these.

Photo: Diet Coke with Bacon

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  • Britannia October 29, 2007  

    There is nothing like pairing bacon (British bacon) with eggs, grilled tomato, toast, baked beans, fried mushrooms, sausage and a nice cup of tea. Either that or a bacon sandwich with brown sauce… Mmm. None of your American “bacon”, such a poor excuse for breakfast meat.

  • JoeHoya October 29, 2007  

    Mmmm…Coke with Bacon.

    Count me in.

  • BS's Mom October 31, 2007  

    British bacon! Wonder if BS agreed that’s the best since he was brought up on the real thing – Irish rashers.

  • BS October 31, 2007  

    OK now, no reason to start up the troubles again or anything – I mean, I’ll take a plate of Irish (or English) breakfast anytime anyone is offering….but there is no reason to hate on good ol’ American bacon either.

  • bs's nephew November 25, 2007  

    I love bacon but thats nasty bs

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