And the Collie Will Have a Side of Fries

mickey ds

What’s worse than dressing up poor, defenseless babies in Halloween costumes – dressing up poor, defenseless pets.

Please send ES your wacky food related costumes —
We’ll be sure to share ours.

Here are some of the worst offenders:

melon cat

banana doggies

lobster doggies

continue for more pics

baby peas

kiddy yellow mustard

baby turkey

All of our Halloween costumes, cocktails and recipes — in Endless Halloween

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  • h diddy October 25, 2007  

    Just you wait for my halloween costume. It will blow these out of the water. *rubs hands together and laughs diabolically*

  • BS October 25, 2007  

    that turkey baby is amazing. The snowpea does not look happy, but I’m guessing he probably didn’t ask to be a snowpea

  • gansie October 25, 2007  

    how awful is that yellow mustard outfit – worst halloween costume ever.

  • BS October 25, 2007  

    she could have at least gone as dijon…trash

  • BS October 26, 2007  

    or as sexy mustard of course

  • gansie October 26, 2007  

    and of course, the store where you can buy ‘sexy mustard’ — new jersey

  • h diddy October 26, 2007  

    gahhhhhhhhh sexy abe lincoln!!!

  • dad gansie October 29, 2007  

    great pics get’em coming

  • Very Very Good Girl November 1, 2007  

    one addition:

    Also, I plan on dressing my first born in a lobster onsie and carrying her/him around in a pot. I can’t find the picture I saw, but it is very cute.

  • gansie November 2, 2007  

    hey good girl–
    we have that baby on our site!

  • Lobster Fishing Catalina Island November 25, 2007  

    While the web continues to round up Lobster Trap web pages, we’ll work to recommend them to you.

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