Onions For Everyone!


Editors Note: Shameless self promotion

For all you ES DC residents, I have a food feature in this week’s AV Club, in the Onion weekly. You can pick up a copy on almost every street corner—today!

Teaser: “It’s lunchtime, and everyone in D.C. is eating at a posh steakhouse, right? Dark mahogany, pinstripe suits, large hunks of bloody meat…yeah, not even close: When it’s time for that much need break from the 9-to-5, everyone from construction workers to senior VPs head straight for the cafeteria. And not always for lunch, either—the work crowd snags a tray for breakfast, snack time, second lunch, a chocolate break, and even an early dinner…”

Photo: Flickr User – Private Nobby

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  • BS October 18, 2007  

    wait! what is this about! I wanna know

  • gansie October 18, 2007  

    now, don’t you wish you lived in DC…

  • BS October 18, 2007  


  • 80 Proof October 18, 2007  


  • JoeHoya October 19, 2007  

    Nice feature, Gansie! Interesting subject and a pretty good overview of what’s out there.

    One thing – it seems like the Onion omitted the quadrant information for each of the places you mentioned. I wouldn’t have noticed except Tim Carman’s Hot Plate this week reviewed a steak from the Capital Grille (Young and Hungry, indeed) and their address is 601 Pennsylvania, NW…pretty much the exact opposite of the SizzEx at 600 Penn, SE.

  • gansie October 19, 2007  

    yea, not sure why they don’t put the quadrant in there, they don’t do it for the reviews either.

  • gansie October 19, 2007  

    oh, and thanks, joehoya!

  • BS October 19, 2007  

    I would give anything for a SizzEx Rueben today

  • 80 Proof October 19, 2007  

    mmm…SizzEx turkey rueben. So amazing. I think they only have it at the Capitol Hill location on 6th and Penn, SE. I’ve tried to get them at other SizzEx’s with no success.

  • JoeHoya October 19, 2007  

    Pretty sure they’ve got it at the location across from the Trader Joe’s in Old Town, but I doubt that’s going to be much help to you.

  • 80 Proof October 19, 2007  

    ahh, good to know if I ever need to fatten up while in VA.

  • dad gansie October 29, 2007  

    looks neat bet south philly market has something similar

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