Bananas en Fuego con Chocolate

Bananas en Fuego con Chocolate

I’m sure no one in the ES community thought I could improve upon my delicious Bourbon-caramelized bananas over vanilla ice cream…but, oh, I thought of a new addition.

Some very excited dinner guests and a few glasses of wine into the night, and inspiration hit me—add chocolate shavings over top the already luscious dessert.

Click HERE for starter directions. Then, take your veggie peeler and scrape milk (or dark – what you have) chocolate over the already assembled dessert.

We’ll see what I can find in my pantry next time 80 Proof and I are entertaining…

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  • BS October 16, 2007  

    oh no you didnt

  • BS October 17, 2007  

    did you use fro-yo again or did you sub in the real deal?

  • gansie October 17, 2007  

    used a lower-fat ice cream.
    but thanks for asking.

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