L’Enfant Cafe

le enfant cafe

Editors Note: This is the restaurant where 80 Proof and I ate before the whole appendix debacle went down. We thought his stomach ache was from their sausage, not from an internal body malfunction. We will always have fond memories of this place.

Amid the rough-and-tumble neighborhood bar scene, L’Enfant Cafe aims to be an escape to a quaint Parisian eatery. Forget French bistro staples such as steak frites and mussels; instead L’Enfant Cafe features a light menu of crepes, sandwiches, and salads. Crepes here swing both ways, with savory options such as goat cheese, spicy sausage, and roasted red pepper sauce, and sweet choices such as Nutella and banana. Beers are Belgian, and expensive, but the selection is impressive. The small patio outside lends itself to relaxing people-watching and inside is equally cozy, with only a few tables and a dark wood bar.
For: Your ABCs—Adams Morgan, beer, and crepes.

Entress: $7-$15. 202- 319-1800. 2000 18th St, NW

Originally in the Onion / DC local edition /October 11, 2007

Photo: L’Enfant Cafe

L'Enfant in Washington

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  • dad gansie October 18, 2007  

    did you guys marilyn and james it up again?? they were neat wigs!!! any beamish on hand??

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