The Gig is NOT Up

1st catering gig

I’m officially a world famous caterer now!

80 Proof’s mom hired me for my 2nd catering gig, to be held at the end of this month.

Requirements: Three different appetizers that can be hand held (so anything requiring a fork is excluded, as well as dips and spreads)

The crowd = posh librarians

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Photo: Britannia

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  • JoeHoya October 11, 2007  

    I would definitely make some variation on a crostini for one of your appetizers. Your chickpea topped version would probably work well.

    Endive leaves filled with something like a salmon mousse or a Boursin-style spread and chopped red and yellow peppers would be quick, colorful, easy, and not at all messy. This could also be served atop cucumber rounds if endive doesn’t float your boat.

    If you have the ability to keep things warm, you could also go with something like prosciutto-wrapped shrimp or mini spanakopita.

    The tomato and feta wouldn’t be bad, either. To mix it up a bit, you could do the skewers with bocconcini mozarella and basil leaves to make a reconfigured ensalata caprese.

  • gansie October 11, 2007  

    forgot one key aspect – these have to be prepped the night before and dropped off with 80’s mom, who will then serve them (sans me) the next evening.

    so what can i make ahead that will last over night and then be easy to assemble/or no assembly required.


  • JoeHoya October 11, 2007  

    Crostini would definitely work. You can prep the topping and deliver it in a bowl with an unsliced baguette. Then she can slice and toast the bread rounds and top them before the event.

    The skewers would also work, as there’s nothing there that would really spoil.

  • BS October 11, 2007  

    I say since you don’t have these gay health requirements, go with the phyllo!

  • Edouble October 11, 2007  

    I was going to suggest baguette slices with horseradish/cream cheese spread, arugula, roast beef, and sliced grape tomatoes, but not sure how the bread will hold up. You could do baguette slices with scoops of my rosemary feta dip on top–that would be easy for 80s mom to put together–slice n’ scoop. You could also stuff those little tomatoes with feta, instead of skewering them with feta.

  • gansie October 11, 2007  

    i would LOVE to use tomatoes (esp those cute little ones at the farmers market) but I don’t want to put them in the fridge after i assemble them.

    tomatoes in the fridge is a freaking sin! and i don’t want to zap them of flavor before serving.

  • BS October 11, 2007  

    e dubs – i love the idea of stuffing the little tomatoes with feta – just like a pimento-stuffed olive

  • BS Mom October 12, 2007  

    How about Grandma Mae’s Artichoke Torte? It’s always a big hit – hot or cold

  • BS October 13, 2007  

    did you read this month’s cooks illustrated article about pissaladiere?

  • gansie October 14, 2007  

    just flipped thru the nov/dec issue … not sure what you’re referring to.

  • gansie October 14, 2007  

    oh, wait…did you mean october…will have to hunt for that mag.

  • BS October 14, 2007  

    eh..I guess oct…I still havent subscribed but they sent me a free issue because of my unique passion for food…pissaladiere is the provencal version of pizza – thin, crackery crust – thought a neat app-y spin on it would be cool

  • BS October 22, 2007  

    this is the pub I’m currently workin for…check out their roundup of the trendiest new hors d’oeuvres – esp. the newfangled pig in a blanket

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