Save the Avocados

avocado love

We’ve all heard a bunch about climate change and global warming and “going green.” And, sure, that’s all a good idea and humans should put forth much more of an effort to conserve, blah blah blah… And yes, I totally believe in this. I take public transportation to work, I frequent the local farmer’s market, and I recycle all of 80’s beer bottles. But I haven’t really taken on the cause until I found out about the potential harm to **avocados**

Yes, it seems like the rise in California’s temperature will aversely affect many crops, including the ES fav, avocado. So please, for the love of the green, silky and delicious fruit, do what you can to save the planet.

Avocados are counting on us!

Photo: Saveur

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  • BS October 11, 2007  

    on the plus side, I hear the new crop of avocados coming in from greenland are supposed to be de-lish

  • JoeHoya October 11, 2007  

    Similar issue with the climate for wine grapes. Believe it or not, there are experts predicting quality pinot noir from the south of England in the next couple of decades. Anyone want to invest in a couple of good hectares of rocky land over there with me?

  • gansie October 11, 2007  

    good idea. as part of ES’s global domination, we should probably get our hands in some overseas vineyards.

  • Edouble October 11, 2007  

    Save the avocado, save the world!

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