Endless Simmer to Open Brooklyn Office Oct. 28


Most of you are aware that as part of the plan to launch this blog media empire total worldwide domination, I moved back in with my parents for a substantial period of adultlescence.

Now, due to this wild success of Endless Simmer (and maybe just a little help from some sellout corporate copywriting jobs), I am officially becoming a grown-up again. Well, a grown-up with roommates anyway. That’s right, I’m leaving behind the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen for the slightly meaner streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

I’m relatively new to this whole venturing beyond Manhattan thing, so those of you in the know, send me some restaurant tips! Oh, and I need an entire kitchen. Is this an appropriate occasion to register at Williams-Sonoma?

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  • gansie October 10, 2007  

    congrats, BS!

    can’t wait to check out your new diggs/ES world HQ

    and maybe i can spare one of my 8 wooden spoons to help you build a kitchen.

  • 80 Proof October 10, 2007  

    Movin’ on up!!

  • Britannia October 10, 2007  

    Great bar just off Avenue of Puerto Rico called “Duck Duck”, yes you read that right. The margaritas are amazing, real fruit in the fruity ones, I should point out that its not really a margarita, more like a straight up glass of tequila with a hint of something special.

  • BS October 10, 2007  

    thanks, Britannia!

  • Edouble October 11, 2007  

    Awesome, BS! Happy for you and ES–ES sure was getting tired of your parents:) When’s the office open for visitors?

  • BS October 11, 2007  

    obv. the office is open immediately for ES employees – we can even write off the (whole wheat) pizza as a business expense

  • sheila October 12, 2007  

    Congratulatons! After you’ve settled in maybe you’ll give your favorite aunt a tour of Brooklyn.

  • Howlo October 13, 2007  

    Congrats. Just in time to entertain 50 hungry Irish singers!

  • sheila October 15, 2007  

    The chef suggests a trip to OB to pick up some slightly used cooking stuff. Who needs W-S?

  • BS October 15, 2007  

    sounds like a great idea to me!

  • gansie October 15, 2007  

    if this means williams sonoma…i’m in too. thanks aunt sheila.

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