Lox Me Up and Wrap Me in Avocado

inside sandwich

I’m really not that big of a sandwich eater. Well, making sandwiches that is. I can’t deny my love for someone else selling me a good lunch-time egg salad on rye. Bread just seems to go bad too quickly in my apartment. So, I usually toss in anything I’d use for a sandwich into a salad instead.

But, when I’m at a Wegmans with my dad, my eyes light up at the fresh bread and endless opportunities for different creations that my tiny Hispanic super market just can’t compare to. Although I will say that it took me almost 5 aisles to find some canned black beans, which I clearly find unacceptable (hence telling my father that Cherry Hill needs more of an influx of Central American immigrants.)

Regardless, with an abundant amount of time (and my dad’s credit card for purchase power) I compiled a killer sandwich for my dad and brother, SAG, and me.

Lox, Tomato and Avocado Egg Sandwich

Slice, lengthwise, a fresh loaf of ciabatta.

On one side, shmear equal parts herbed goat cheese and cream cheese. Add on chives and scallions, and then mix into the cheeses. Then, layer on enough lox to cover the roll and then sliced and halved, Jersey tomatoes on top of that. Sprinkle with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.

On the other side, smear one half of an avocado.

For three people, fry 3 sunny side up eggs in a bit of butter, making sure the whites are cooked but the yolks are still runny.

While you’re frying, place the sandwich on a hot grill pan until char marks appear; repeat on the other side.

smoked salmon sandwich

When the eggs are ready and the bread is toasty, lay the eggs on the cheese side, add some more S&P and press the sandwich shut. Slice into 3 sandwiches (not cutting into the yolk) and then drizzle the over flowing yolk on each plate for extra dipping.

You may not be hungry for dinner.

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  • BS October 9, 2007  

    i bet this would be good with prosciutto or some other type of ham, for a much less kosher option.

  • BS October 9, 2007  

    ps – love the specificity of your directions. The cream cheese is schmeared, but the avocado is smeared.

  • Jeb October 9, 2007  

    Throw some ham, salami, pepperoni, banana peppers, prov. cheese and I’m in.

  • dad gansie October 9, 2007  

    people, it was really delicious and fun to make ( gansie made me eat the section that i broke the yoke).

    gansie got me into more avacado stuff, i warmed up some chopped – up avocado with some fat free Mediterranean herbs feta on some homemade focaccia bread i got from a local great restaurant, forno, with some home grown nj beefsteak tomatoes…really tastey

    forgot to take a pic of the bananas flambe gansie showed me, i liked mine better (ha ha) both were great and fun to make again.

  • MonkeyBoy October 9, 2007  

    OMG marry me!!!
    Nothing in this world is better than a good egg sandwich. This has a lot going on but I think the rich creaminess pf the yolk would tie it all together.

  • SAG October 9, 2007  

    That shit was real good… would like to do again someday..could barely eat my dinner I will still stuffed from that massive sandwich

  • gansie October 10, 2007  

    my first food related marriage proposal!
    thank you, monkey boy!

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