Hott Links: Okay, Smile…Say Cheese

cheese person

With the July like weather heating up October, it can be hard to determine what’s exactly seasonal.
Well, you can always turn to cheese.

JoeHoya has the blues [DC Foodies]

Categorized and cross-referenced [Wash Post]

I’ll take mine grilled, please [Gluten Free Mommy]

Photo: what about the plastic animals?

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  • JoeHoya October 5, 2007  

    Spongebob’s exercise regimen is clearly paying off.

  • BS October 5, 2007  

    one day I will publish four full-length books about cheese

  • JoeHoya October 5, 2007  

    That’s a lot of work for one day. You may want to space them out over the course of a week…

  • BS October 5, 2007  

    I could prob just publish my diary

  • JoeHoya October 5, 2007  

    Dear dairy diary…

  • BS October 5, 2007  

    lol that’s good

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