So Close You Can Taste It


After a long, delicious season, the third Top Chef reaches a conclusion on Wednesday. Both the MSM and the blogs are abuzz about the finale, and the biggest focus? Hung.

4th Place Brian on Hung: he’s an angry little man.

The Hater defends Hung; takes on Bravo’s very questionable text message polls.

Hung defends himself, hates on Casey, and claims Bourdain wants him to win.

We won’t have to go Padma-less for long: Season 4 is already filming in Chi-town.

And, in case you missed any of my ramblings, all our Top Chef recaps, along with our famed Padma Lakshmi photo gallery, can be found here.


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  • 80 Proof October 2, 2007  

    Title of this post could read: Hung Out to Dry?

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