Catering Mission: Accomplished

tom and feta

First, I’d like to thank everyone for all their wonderful suggestions on what I should create for my first catering gig – 30 Minute Abs and Britinanna’s housewarming party.

I’d like to think the food was a success. Here’s the first, “no-cook” creation.

Tomato and Feta Sticks

I can’t take total credit for this idea, El’s co-worker saw a “caprese on a stick” before, so this is adapted from that concept. And thanks to El for all her catering help, too.

My farmer’s market yields beautiful, beautiful tomatoes, and these mini ones are super fun to use, and of course, are juicy and flavorful.

Let the tomatoes marinate in some evoo, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper for about an hour before assembly.

Then, slide one tomato thru the toothpick. Grab a small piece of feta (I used one dubbed “California tomato and basil,” but any herbed or plain feta would work,) shaped it with my fingers, a la play-doh style, into a cube and pushed that to the middle of the t-pick and then added one more tomato to the other side. It’s prettiest when you choose different color tomatoes on the same stick.

Display artfully on a bright, white platter. And when you’re stuffing your face, try (A) not to get a splinter and (B) fit the whole thing in your mouth at the same time.

Photo: Britannia, the host.

Editors Note: So, I guess a tomato is actually a fruit, but I (and most of the world) think of its uses as a veggie, so therefore I’m tagging it with both fruit and veggie.

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