• 80 Proof September 30, 2007  


  • BS September 30, 2007  

    fuck. off.

  • Jeb September 30, 2007  

    Jim’s is best…

  • Jrod October 1, 2007  

    I celebrated by dancing around the living room and screaming “woo hoo”. But of course it was a little bittersweet to watch our beloved birds get de-beaked last night again and again and again. We can beat the padres and the rockies, especially when they are burning their ace on a playoff game. I’ll take a cheesesteak wit wiz please.

  • BS October 1, 2007  

    seriously. i hate you all.

  • Leah October 1, 2007  

    Now just hope your Phillies win, and then we can have a Chicago v. Philly NLCS!!! Go CUBBIES!

  • SAG October 1, 2007  

    Its “wiz wit” not “wit wiz” good try though you outa towner…. aren’t you a nationals fan anyways??

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