My Low-Fat Tofu Chai Latte Brings All the Boys to the Yard

toon veggies

Sure, we’re all obsessed with food here at ES, but I’m not sure we’ve taken it to the extremes of soul mate finding.

As the MSM struggles to find its “hip” bone, Newsweek online brought us the touching and tragic story of vegans and vegetarians trying, against all things beef, to find love — with each other.

Yes, apparently a vegan and a veggie is not a match made in the garden of eden. As vegetarians still eat animal by-products, they can be deemed “murderous” by their supposed vegan allies. Love is not blinded by a gorgeous leather jacket from Florence, apparently, but that’s another story.

Although, I have to admit, I’ve previously threatened 80 Proof with breaking our lease – to no avail – if he doesn’t at least try one of the heirloom tomatoes I brought back from the market.

Maybe it’s food that conquers all?

Photo: UNC

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  • JoeHoya September 26, 2007  

    In fairness, I know at least a few meat-eaters who have expressed similar reservations with dating a vegetarian, a vegan, or even someone who doesn’t understand a deep and abiding love for bacon.

    My wife and I just cooked a dinner this week to celebrate our second anniversary…and our similar culinary tastes have always been something that have brought us closer together.

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