Hott Links: Puff the Magic Pastry


Washington Post food blogger Kim O’Donnell made the exact same kitchen faux pax that I did. I think we must be cooking soul mates. Don’t worry, Kim – one day we’ll meet in a flaky, phyllo heaven.

Celebrity hot sauces are so hot right now. [Stereogum]

Hidden between fluff pieces on General Petraeus and President Ahmenidijad, the New York Times Week in Review offers an in-depth analysis of the cupcake trend, asking such soul-wrenching questions as:

– Should cupcakes be banned from school bake sales? (No!)

– Can the cupcake loyalist support the sale of a chocolate Guinness cupcake with green-tea cream cheese frosting? (Bring it!)

– Has the cupcake been stolen from the people by the baking aristocracy (are you fucking kidding me?)

Photo: Stereogum

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