Summer, Don’t Leaf Me!

mango and avocado soup

Before everyone jumps on the “I love the fall and its crisp, cool weather” bandwagon (I hate you all) take one of these last 80-something degree days and make a cold, refreshing soup.

Chilled Avocado and Mango Soup

Dice 4 mangoes and 3 avocados and place in a large, wide pot, reserving a small handful of the diced avocado. Add about 1 cup of half & half and 1-2 tablespoons of crema mexicana. Blend with your hand-held immersion blender. For a while. For a very long time. Your hand should begin to vibrate on its own you’re blending so long.

Taste. Adjust with more half & half or crema mexicana if necessary. Add the juice of one lime, a couple dashes of white wine and a handful of mint leaves. Blend again.

the making of mango soup

Blend again. There should be no chunks. None.

Serve in the prettiest bowl you have and garnish with the reserved avocado and a mint leaf.

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  • BS September 17, 2007  

    I can attest this is a beautiful creation…I might even say one of the tastiest things gansie has ever made for me.

  • dad gansie September 20, 2007  

    can’t wait till she makes it for scott and me

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