The Battle of Tastings


ES BFF JoeHoya has been busy telling the MSM to STFU and embrace tasting menus, and our editorial board has to agree: the more tastes, the better. Period.

So upon finding my cupboard virtually bare this week, I decided to make my own lunchtime tasting menu out of the leftovers in my fridge (it’s good to be a full-time blogger).

OK, maybe this isn’t exactly a tasting menu, but hey, it has three things on it, and I was fairly impressed with my own presentation so I thought I would pass it along – details after the jump.

I had just a few lumps of leftover mashed potatoes, so I fried up a mini-version of one of my parmesan potato cakes – went simple this time – basically just dipped the potato in egg and parm and let it sizzle.

The single cake was perfect for a lunch serving, but the potato shortage left me with an unforeseen imbalance – I was left with about two-thirds of an egg just cracked open and lying there. I also had some leftover spinach (sauteed a la mom with garlic and EVOO), so I mixed that up with the remaining egg and fried that up as well – kind of a mostly-spinach scramble.

To balance out my plate, I whipped up one of my AOL-approved brieadillas, filled this time with chopped kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes.

A complete lunch-time tasting menu, all made in one pan, in about 20 mins. total.

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  • James September 18, 2007  

    We ussually take the easy way out and do frozen finger food meals, it is basically like having an hors d’oeuvres meal.

    Its a fun tasting menu, and for the indecisive, provides lots of choices


  • JoeHoya September 18, 2007  

    Does it make me a HUGE nerd that I would recommend a price point of $10.66 for this meal based solely on the post title?

    And woohoo for my promotion from “commentarati” to “ES BFF!” Next stop…something with a few more vowels in it.

  • 80 Proof September 18, 2007  

    haha, well played sir.

    Maybe next time, BS, you can follow up with a Magna a la Carta?

  • gansie September 19, 2007  

    so i attempted your mashed potato cakes last night. i think i added too much flour, b/c not all of it cooked off. but they were quite delish!

  • 80 Proof September 19, 2007  

    you know what’s not delish? Scrubbing dried flour and water mixture off the counter top later.

  • gansie September 19, 2007  

    you’re such a good roommate!

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