Public Service Announcement

To our loyal readers out there (Hi Mom), just wanted to draw attention to some potential sad news in the DC restaurant scene. Well, actually, Metrocurean drew my attention to it first. Mark and Orlando’s and Pesce are two of my favorites here and I would really hate to see them go under, not because of the quality of their food or service, but because of road construction.

I am totally guilty of avoiding P street, nothing like jackhammers and dust to make me less hungry. But if you have eaten at these places and enjoyed them as much as I have, it’s worth having a meal there…

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  • Jeb September 13, 2007  

    Count me in for a lunch there next weekend when I’m in town.

  • gansie September 13, 2007  

    Jeb–Can you bring some rosemary up from your yard?

  • Mom September 14, 2007  

    Hi to you too. Hope you make a difference!

  • Jeb September 14, 2007  

    seriously Gansie? I’ll see if we have any left 🙂

    Maybe I should take a pic of the gigantic bush and you can post it here!

  • gansie September 14, 2007  

    if anna or you will write me a recipe using your famed r-m i’ll surely post a pic.

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