Always Listen to the Simmer


A few weeks back, our intrepid reporter Edouble told you about the joy and simplicity of popping your own stovetop popcorn. And I quote:

“I must insist that you stop buying microwave popcorn and that you start popping it yourself on your stovetop…This literally takes all of four or five minutes to do.”

Easy enough, right? But did you listen to Edouble? Nooooo. You kept popping your cute little bags of Orvile Redenbacher, and now this man is dead.

OK, not dead, but stricken with a nasty case of ‘pocorn lung.’

“A Colorado aficionado of microwaved popcorn, one of the most popular types, may have developed a serious lung condition from inhaling the fumes emanating from the just-popped bag…the suspected culprit is diacetyl, which adds buttery flavor to microwave brands such as Orville Redenbacher and Act II. For 10 years, the ill man ate two bags a day and savored the aroma of the steam before diving in. Until now, the government and industry watchdogs have been concerned only about cases of what is called “popcorn lung” among popcorn plant workers exposed to synthetic butter. It has been linked to damaged lungs. But no one worried about the effects on the consumer.”

So please, people, listen to what ES has to tell you. Today it’s popcorn lung, but tomorrow you could be choking on pre-made piecrust, or suffering from avocado deficiency syndrome.

Photo: AP

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  • Jeb September 12, 2007  

    My challenge is still on the table…I’ll put my homemade popcorn up against anyone…

  • 80 Proof September 12, 2007  

    I can recommend Jeb’s popcorn, even though he is a bad sharer.

    Question: is it a bad thing that I used to scrape the butter off the sides of the bad when I was finished and eat it? haha

  • BS September 12, 2007  

    mmm…fake butter…how come more foods don’t come with fake butter? think how many fake cheese products there are (cheez-its, chetos, combos, doritos, I could go on) but popcorn seems to have the market on fake butter – I demand an investigation. What’s Ralph Nader doing these days?

  • JoeHoya September 13, 2007  

    I’m sure he’s already got a best-seller in the works on this topic: “Unsafe at Any Feed”

  • 80 Proof September 13, 2007  

    There is a kernel of truth in all of this.

  • rooms September 13, 2007  

    HAHAHA, 80 Proof; I love a good corny joke.
    Anyway. . .
    Next thing you know the wine tasters are gonna be dropping. If you’ve ever nosed your wine and said, “hmm, that smells almost buttery,” that’s diacetyl too.

  • Edouble September 13, 2007  

    Shit! This may mean I’m about to die (b/c of the wine, not fake-ass popcorn).

  • Edouble September 14, 2007  

    Jeb, are you challenging me to a pop-off? If so, bring it. Tell me where and when (sounds like we’re in the same town:)

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