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Ahoy, Bok Choy!

Here’s a creative recipe that comes straight from the farm. A good friend of mine worked on an outdoor education farm in Cali-forn-i-a where one of her co-workers developed his very own vegetarian cookbook based on the veggies they had growing in their garden. This one recipe has always stuck with me, even though I seem to have misplaced the cookbook. I have no name for it, but it does involve Bok Choy.

Here’s what happens, you take a head of Bok Choy, cut the leaves off of the stalky part. Slice the stalky part up into pieces, like you would with a celery stalk. Separately, slice or tear up the leafy part and set aside. Then, sautee sliced red onion and the stalky part of the bok choy in olive oil. After a few minutes (and when the red onion starts turning pale) add diced green olives (a handful or two). Then add garlic (I add this late so that it doesn’t get overcooked). Wait a few more minutes and add the leafy part of the bok choy. Add herbs de provence (thyme, marjoram, basil, bay leaves) and celery salt. The final ingredient for this part of the meal is feta cheese, crumble and add in right before you’re ready to serve.

While you’re doing the above, bring a large pot of water to a boil. Take basil, garlic, a good deal of olive oil, and lots of parmesan or romano and throw it into your blender or Cuisinart to make pesto. I personally like to also add a bit of half and half or milk to make the pesto creamy, but this is up to you. Add salt to taste.

When the water boils, throw in a box of penne pasta (I use whole wheat). Once the noodles are done, mix in the pesto. The pesto penne will be the bed of your meal. Scoop onto a plate and cover with the vegetable mix.

I promise you that this is one of the most flavorful pasta dishes you’ll ever eat.

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  • gansie September 12, 2007  

    i love how you take bok choy – asian veggie – and mix it with a pesto pasta – total italian dinner – and make it work. very innovative.

  • Edouble September 12, 2007  

    Thanks. It definitely eats more like Italian than Asian

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