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On my lunch break earlier this week in the Garment District (unfortunately I find myself having to work a few days a week to support this blog lifestyle) I freaked out about the Midtown business crowds and dodged into a friendly-looking pub showing the Serbian Russian U.S. Open.

I assumed this was just the 173,459th Irish pub in the area, but was surprised when the waitress greeted me with an adorable Aussie accent and informed me this was the opening day of The Australian.

Oftentimes I find new places that try to replicate the classic pub vibe feel a little off because they’re just too new and clean, but this homey, brick-walled bar does a good job of creating a lived-in, welcoming feel in a brand new space.

There’s no kitschy down-under vibe here and you won’t find any kangaroo burgers or bloomin’ onions. Although they do have a Battered Sav, which seems to be a fantastic Australian take on the corn dog. I’m clearly interested, but I think if I tried that for lunch there is no way I would make it back to work without falling asleep.

There are also burgers and the like, but The Australian boasts more than an average sports bar menu, clearly aiming for a more foodie-fied set. I opted for the amazingly inventive chicken caesar salad – which comes with not only bacon – but also a poached egg topped with wasabi sauce, leaving the bottom of the salad covered in runny yolk and a spicy kick. I know, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I wanted to lick the bowl clean.

I’ll def be heading back again soon – a steady laid-back lunch option to escape the Midtown craziness.

20 West 38th Street (B/w 5th and 6th Aves)


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  • gansie September 7, 2007  

    um, how do they get away w/ calling that a caesar salad? (not that i don’t find it delicious sounding)

  • Jeb September 8, 2007  

    any good aussie beers on tap? Specifically James Squire?!

  • BS September 8, 2007  

    was lookin for that too..they didn’t have their taps up yet but I will check back in

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