Hott Links: Have Food, Will Travel


With summer drawing to a hot, completely un-autumny conclusion, I’d like to share with you things you should have taken with you to the places you should have gone. Bye, bye, ‘cation!

I couldn’t think of anything snarkier than what was already in the article:
“If only someone would invent a candy bar that did not require such elaborate preparations for consumption!”
[Washington Post]

I don’t just want a food themed vacation; I want a potato themed vacation. Thank you, Croatia.
[Elastic Waist]

I love this interview, because someone thinks YOU should take a trip to Cleveland. And that someone has his own cooking show.

Happy Friday!

Photo: The Onion

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  • BS September 7, 2007  

    I’m going to the potato park tomorrow! who’s with me?

  • h diddy September 7, 2007  

    im there. i wish someone would open a fried dough park already. or do carnivals count as that?

  • Melissa September 7, 2007  

    Bourdain went to cleveland to visit his buddy, made some money off his visit and tried to give good press to cleveland. Still. .. . it’ll always be my flyover.

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