As Wing Season Begins, Even the Redskins are Tied for First

wing yuck

Editors Note: Our Philadelphia Eagles obsessed friend, broadandpattison, came up with this brilliant challenge to merge two favorites – eating and football. Enjoy having a gluttonous Fall 2007.
Thank you, broadandpattison.

Since the invention of the spork, there has been no greater innovation in modern history than the Thursday night NFL season opener. It is as thrilling as it is aggravating (I mean, football has started, but most likely for you, it hasn’t reaallllly started – you still have 2 days of waiting). This year, as the Colts kick-off against the Saints, everyone is 0-0, which means that even the Washington Redskins are tied for first. But this isn’t about how Redskin fans once again enter a season with an overpaid coaching staff and false expectations, or that Eli Manning has thrown 3 interceptions and the season hasn’t started yet, or even that Cowboy fans don’t seem to realize that Wade *&%$#@! Phillips is calling the shots; this is about something we can all agree on and something we can all celebrate together; the things we eat as we watch our teams break our hearts.

Endless Wing-Off Contest

I’d like to challenge all of the endlesssimmer readers to post the gourmet foods they’ll be eating each Sunday (Thursday and Monday night games included). Rules post-jump. The following point system shall apply:

10 wings: 10 points
20 wings: 30 points
30 wings: 50 points
40 wings: 70 points
50+ wings: I enter you in Wing Bowl XX

3 slices of pizza: 5 points
5 slices of pizza: 15 points
7 slices of pizza: 25 points
10+ slices of pizza: I’ll reimburse you

6-pack of beer: 25 points
12-pack of beer: 60 points
More than 12 beers: Tack on 10 points per beer

Glass of wine: -1000 points
Wine Cooler: See you in hell

Now, this is the honor system, so only stand-up citizens should enter. Unfortunately, this means Cincinnati Bengal fans do not qualify – you all have too many legal issues. Please reply in the comments section in our Endless Wing-Off post by COB each Tuesday.

Go Eagles.

Photo: Shallow Center

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  • 80 Proof September 6, 2007  

    Great post. BTW, my Google ad is about losing 40 lbs in 2 months…

    Off to get a head start tonight…

  • BS September 6, 2007  

    truly amazing photograph and contest.
    please explain the bengals joke. I would hate for my ignorance to make me miss out on any cincinnati-hating opportunities

  • Jeb September 6, 2007  

    Basically, the Bengals have around 12 players who have been arrested during their pro football career. One guy, Chris Henry has been arrested something like 10 times in the last 3 years. Check this out,

  • Jeb September 6, 2007  

    PS: I ate a 10 inch pizza tonight. Not too big, but really good.

  • Jeb September 6, 2007  

    PS: I ate a 10 inch pizza tonight. Not too big, but really good.

    I’ll give myself 3 points

  • BS September 6, 2007  

    thanks for the clarification…and may I say again – best picture ever

  • 80 Proof September 6, 2007  

    First Night:

    3 Wings
    3 Beers
    1 Sheppard’s Pie

  • BS September 6, 2007  

    I went to the U.S. Open tonight, possibly the only event in sports where you can say “yo, lemme get a nicoise salad with a side of the ginger-carrot soup”

  • 80 Proof September 7, 2007  

    BS: -10 points

  • gansie September 7, 2007  

    gansie’s tally:
    8 wings
    3 beers
    but i guess that doesn’t qualify for points

  • 80 Proof September 7, 2007  

    I think it’s totals for the weekend. Right?

    So 2 more wings on Sunday gets you points!

  • broadandpattison September 7, 2007  

    yea, definitely total for the weekend. im up to 6 beers, but had a cheesesteak during the game. that should probably be 1,000 points, but i realize that doesnt fly. also, to be clear, i think the only consumption that should count is what is consumed during “football hours” only. which leads me to another thought – the “two minute drill”. in the last 2 minutes of MNF – all points double. eh?????

  • Jrod September 7, 2007  

    I know I’m a Jrod-come-lately but I’m in. Slow start though:
    4 beers= No pts as of yet (I agree in the cumulative method of scoring)
    1 filet breaded chicken breast, scalloped potatoes au gratin, and green beans seasoned with lemmon pepper- courtesy of Chef Mo-Green. = breast not wings – No pts. Oh well.

  • Jeb September 7, 2007  

    Jrod, no offense but eating that during a football game will never get you points.

    Sounds good though.

  • BS September 7, 2007  

    watched some more tennis tonight, had a spinach pie and some ratatouille – I’ll go ahead and give myself minus 45 points…is there a prize for last place in this thing?

  • Leah September 10, 2007  

    Um..what do I get for mike’s hard lemonade? 😉

  • Jrod September 10, 2007  

    Holy crap did I drink some beer this weekend. If we count the college games on
    Sat… here we go:
    4 beers- 0 pts.

    2 wings- 0 pts
    13 beers- 70 pts

    8 wings- 10 pts (cum.)
    15 beers- 90 pts.
    2 pcs of pizza- 0 pts.

    170 pts. total

  • gansie September 10, 2007  

    don’t count your wings too early, we still have two games left tonight:
    Ravens vs. Bengals
    Cardinals vs. 49ers

    hope everyone is eating up!

  • Jrod September 10, 2007  

    By the way, unfortunately it is now the end of the first week for the NFC East and the Redskins are still tied for first. I need a tissue and a spit bucket. I think I’m coming down with something.

  • BS September 10, 2007  

    sunday night: 4 slices of pizza and a bottle of wine. negative 995 points

  • broadandpattison September 10, 2007  

    im up to 8 beers, 8 wings, a cheesesteak and chili cheese fries. i feel like we need a category of miscallaneous food (generally fried with or without sauce). tonight will be a big night though.

  • LLLLlllambeau September 17, 2007  

    So what kind of points are we talking for brats. Or, brats filled with cheese sometimes referred to as a cheezywurst? Geographically speaking wings don’t work for me. The beer however, now THAT works for me.

    Gansie, I am testing you right now!

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