All Hail the Mac-n-Chief


Editors Note: This blog wouldn’t be possible without the musings of El, who was at the core of our food obsession beginnings. Although she had shied away from the blog spotlight for a while, she eventually gave into our demands that we feature her glorious and knowledgeable take on food. Welcome, El.

As one of the founding members of CC 508, and long time food lover, my first post will no doubt be a disappointment to ES lovers (most particularly the ES founders). I fully admit that I have committed a sin against ES’ cardinal rules: the big C-word. But I feel I must baby-step back into the kitchen after being a slacker for way too long. Now, on with the story…

I was born and raised on homemade macaroni and cheese, turning my nose up at anything coming from a box–-the epitome of CHEATING. However, necessity drove me to discover Annie’s when I was in college. The “organic” label made me feel I was not straying far from the comfort I found in a bowl of mom’s classic. Post-college I find myself vacillating between 100% homemade, and the ease of boxed Alfredo. Last night I decided it was high time to merge these two loves.

Looking in my fridge with my overly-ravenous stomach, I could not decide what sounded better – boxed vs. homemade mac and cheese, hot dogs, grilled veggies. In the end I decided, “why not all three”?

Sandra Lee-esque Mac & Cheese

A half a zucchini – sprinkled with pepper, oregano and Creole seasoning – was thrown on the grill with a hot dog. Back in the kitchen, with water set to boil on the stove, I grated about ½ C of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese – anything under “extra” is just not worth using. I also took some leftover Lime/Butter sauce out to come to room temperature. [Remember to check the grill food!!]

Once my boxed pasta was done cooking, I added the packaged/powdered sauce and the recommended amount of milk. I next added the remainder of the lime/butter sauce (approximately 2 T) and pre-grated cheese. With the hot dog added in, it seemed only appropriate to add about 2 T of Dijon mustard.

With my bowl of high-calorie, but oh-so-yummy Mac & Cheese in one hand; and the MUCH healthier, albeit equally tasty zucchini in the other— I headed to the couch to enjoy my semi-home cooked bowl-o-heaven.

Photo: bfeedme

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